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Join The Pay It Forward Movement

Ask for whatever you need, help whenever you can.
One rule: Everything's FREE!

How It Works

Post FREE offers, needs & exchanges

Give, lend, and share your stuff, skills and neighborly spirit

Lend a hand to a neighbor

See what others are offering or looking for, and help out when you can.

Connect neighbors with others

Can’t help, but know someone who can? Connect them (it’s great karma!)

Help, Borrow and Share with Neighbors For Free

Borrow Camping Gear

Hi fellow Roosters! Taking the kids out camping this weekend, it would be great if we could borrow a tent for 4. We’ll take great care of it.

Thank you so much, Kathy Dak

Free Comfy Couch

The couch is in excellent condition. Like new! Super comfortable! got it for free from a neighbor a few years ago and are ready to pass this along to a fellow Rooster.

Jacob Wu

Looking For Spartan Race Training Buddy

I'm training for the Spartan race. I could use a buddy or two to train with, encouraging each other as we run the Dish.

Best, Brad Carmack

Rooster Community Values

We are creating a gifting economy

Share goods, skills, time and goodwill with neighbors, for free

Pay it forward

Gift unconditionally and spread acts of kindness in growing circles

Make a connection

Meet, smile and say hello - it’s all part of the magic

Respect your peers

Be friendly, respectful and appreciate the generosity of others

Live a greener lifestyle

Recycle and reuse together for a greener and happier lifestyle

Participate and lead

Rooster is yours: Take action to make your community better

Spread The Love

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