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I’m the founder of Rooster
Advice & recommendations
⋅  Today
OK , we need some more good folks on here to get Rooster Rooster started. How many exactly? We’re not sure yet - there’s a bunch of cities off to the races and we’ll be launching the ones who run fastest and send you live updates. We’ll soon put a “city-meter” on here to track progress (We’re a very small team and we still can’t build everything we want as fast as we’d like). Once we start Rooster Rooster, we’ll be revealing, for the first time ever the giant Rooster family tree! This is a map illustrating how the Rooster community evolved. Every person who joins through you, and every person who joins through them and so forth, adds a point to your branch, so the early igniters and the people who make Rooster tick can claim their fame. The tree will let us all see how everyone in Rooster are actually connected to one another through not so many people, in a fun way, like never before. You belong on top, don’t you? Thought so. OK, bring your people in with your personal link and start your meteoric climb (it’s important they use this link to be listed under you, or else we can’t know, OK?). There’s a few words about Rooster Rooster you can copy/paste, in case you’re too lazy to explain it all ;-) Paul from Rooster Here's a snippet you can copy and paste:
Hi guys, I just joined Rooster Rooster, it’s a place to help, borrow and share with neighbors completely for FREE while also having fun and getting to know people around us. It’s a huge success straight out of Portland, OR and it’s gonna start soon in Rooster. We need the best people on here, and you are it. Please join through my link so my branch can grow on the Rooster family tree (you’ll find out about it when you join):

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